Get fit with your colleagues:

Come to Wembley before, during or after work. We are open 7 days a week, from 5.45 am - 10 pm.  Our professional fitness coaches will help you get started and provide you with a tailor-made training routine. Can’t decide if you want to exercise by yourself or join a class? Just try both! 

Gym Challenges

If it is motivation you are looking for, look no further. The gym has pioneered a number of challenges which not only inspire and motivate, they raise a good deal of money for charity too! In February 2018, we raised £10,000 for the Bobby Moore Fund (a bowel cancer charity) by each participant running up and down every single step in the whole of the Stadium. Just a few months later, in April/May 2018, we raised a further £20,000 for Bobby Moore Fund doing the "Road to Russia" cycling challenge. Over 150 participants throughout the Wembley staff, meant that we had a griping and memorable final leg of the challenge in the Booby Moore suite. On November 16th, 2018, we joined forces with UCFB (the University based at Wembley) to raise £200 in a cycling challenge for Children in Need. Watch this space for the next challenge starting 7 January 2019 in aid of the Stroke Association, We have already had the pleasure of Stroke Association coming to Wembley on 12 November to offer free blood pressure tests to all staff. Stroke survivor, Chris Currie, came to talk to staff about his inspiring story. If you want to know more, Chris and the team from Stroke Association will be back in early 2019 to make our "Mount Everest Challenge" one to remember.